Who We Serve

PressureLinks is your go-to solutions provider for cost-effective and superior quality medium to high-pressure fittings, hose assemblies and more. We provide these products and additional services to many industries.

High Pressure Fittings
oil and gas industries

Oil & Gas

PressureLinks proudly supports our partner companies and clients in the oil and gas production industry with top-rated, 316 stainless steel fittings, hose end assemblies and so much more. By specializing in supplying elevated-pressure connections from 7,500 to 60,000 PSI, we are in the unique position of being able to deliver exceptional service to meet the rigorous demands of this unique sector. No matter what type of support your oil and gas exploration, drilling, pumping or transportation projects require, know that PressureLinks will stand by your side to provide the full range of support services and products you need to thrive.

Hydraulics industries


Similar to the oil and gas industry, hydraulics involves a variety of sub-disciplines which all benefit from having access to top-quality hose-end assemblies, pipe fittings and other specialty products courtesy of PressureLinks. We support engineering teams, chemists and other scientific disciplines involved in hydraulic work. Backed by three decades of hands-on, deep technical experience, PressureLinks is perfectly postured to deliver game-changing solutions to the demanding hydraulics industry. In fact, no other team in the business today supplies the same high-quality, affordable and top-rated 316 stainless steel pressure fittings and more needed to support the demands of the hydraulics sector.

Water Blasting industries


Our ISO 9001-certified production facility manufactures an extensive array of high-pressure fittings, hose ends and other specialty products needed in today’s evolving water-blasting industry. Water-blasting utilizes highly pressurized water to spray onto surfaces to efficiently break down and remove contaminants and other unsightly dirt or material accumulation. Companies involved in the water-blasting, or hydro jetting, industry benefit greatly from an uninterrupted supply of high-pressure fittings and other unique products which make this sector operate. At PressureLinks, we stop at nothing to ensure we are ready to serve as a critical ally in water-blasting operations.

Control Systems industries

Control Systems

We proudly offer leading medium and high-pressure pipe fittings and other products ideally suited for use in control systems applications. Critical control systems which control, synch with and integrate among a wide range of additional functions require supreme attention to detail and meticulous coordination to make them effective. PressureLinks stands ready to deliver critical support to your control system business by placing thousands of parts and over 700 unique products at your fingertips. Our deep technical knowledge and over 30 years of hands-on experience have made us the ideal partner to help ensure even your most complex and technical projects stay on budget and on track for a successful outcome.

Umbilical Cables industries

Umbilical Cables

Multifunction umbilical cables frequently deliver vital consumables to support a wide swathe of projects from underwater exploration and drilling to aeronautical support and so much more. Fortunately, delivering superior-quality medium and high-pressure fittings, hose end assemblies and other unique specialized fittings for use in umbilical cables is our forte. We routinely collaborate with customers across the globe to provide superior-quality products which help promote tight umbilical connections and more. Reach out today and connect to an experienced and knowledgeable member of our staff. We are standing by to answer your questions and determine how we can best help support your projects.

Offshore Electrical industries

Offshore Electrical

The rigorous demands of offshore electrical work require a trusted partner that can provide the range of essential products and services to meet project deadlines and finish jobs on schedule and under budget. Offshore electricians rely heavily on a steady supply of high-pressure connections, fittings and more. At PressureLinks, we are in the unique position of being able to craft medium to high-pressure fittings, assemblies for hose ends as well as customized specialty fittings. These fittings are perfectly matched to support offshore electrical jobs. In fact, we can put over 700 unique parts and thousands of products at your fingertips and get them in your hands to help you deliver top-notch results today.

Connections industries


For over three decades, PressureLinks has served as a trusted name delivering durable products to customers who need stable and reliable connections to support their work. Aided by our innovative, U.S.-based manufacturing facility, we are a reliable and experienced partner for high-quality manufacturing and design solutions for medium to high-pressure fittings, hose end assemblies and so much more. Imagine the cost savings you could unlock by having access to your own design and fabrication team on speed dial! Learn more about the custom services and products we offer by reaching out to speak to a friendly member of our team right away.

Automotive industries


Last, but not least, PressureLinks delivers superior products and services to support today’s advanced automotive industry. From high-pressure hoses and connections to pipe fittings and more, PressureLinks offers a full catalog of advanced products to serve the automotive industry. Each product we offer is not only made of the highest-quality 316 stainless steel but is also proudly made right here in the U.S. in our innovative ISO 9001-certified facility. Beyond specialty fittings, we specialize in crafting made-to-order tube connections, SAE and metric fittings from stainless steel and other alloys. Do you need hard-to-find fittings in non-standard sizes? Call or connect with us online today to discover our robust supply of specialized configurations and tailored fittings.