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Are you looking for a value-added reseller, VAR fittings program that provides a reliable supplier of high-quality and cost-effective medium to high-pressure fittings?

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Our Value Added Reseller fittings program may be the perfect fit for your needs.

We can place our extensive inventory of over 700 unique products and thousands of parts at your fingertips while helping your business capitalize on a variety of aftermarket revenues and growth opportunities. We have over 30 years of experience collaborating with partner companies and supplying them with the superior quality 316 stainless steel fittings they need to help support demanding commercial and industrial projects across the globe.

Benefits Of Our VAR Fittings Program:

Value-added resellers love working with the PressureLinks team because of our extensive hands-on knowledge, attention to detail, and superior craftsmanship. Partnering with our VAR fittings program allows us to get the right tools in the hands of our customers to help them meet even the most rigorous project deadlines and get the project done right the first time. By working with PressureLinks, VAR fittings partners gain access to a huge selection of products through our innovative private labeling program. Collaborating with PressureLinks for fittings, hose end assemblies and more comes with a host of benefits such as:

  • The ability to craft aftermarket preferences for your parts
  • Extending your business’s value directly to your customers
  • Same-day shipping on small orders
  • Having your brand’s logo and name featured on all parts
  • The establishment of unique part numbers to simplify your inventory
  • Leveraging the expertise of a known industry fittings manufacturer
  • The ability to set your own market prices based on your value-add options
  • Avoiding stocking fees or other associated carrying costs

Get started today by connecting with a member of our professional staff and learning more about the range of products we offer VARs through our leading private labeling program.

Why Pressure Links for VAR Fittings

Connecting with the PressureLinks pros is the perfect solution for VARs seeking access to a robust selection of fittings, assemblies, specialized products and more. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility allows our team to meticulously fabricate the best fittings in the business. Each of our fittings is manufactured in the U.S. and is crafted from top-quality 316 stainless steel. Best of all, utilizing our private labeling program gives VARs additional perks such as having their company name and logo printed directly on the parts along with part numbers. We can also maintain your material certifications, build a parts catalog for your use and even stock the parts you need to a frame order, or release products on a customized schedule.
No other team in the industry is as easy to work with or possesses the same level of skill and superior customer service. Our company’s number one core value focuses on helping make our customers successful. This solemn commitment to our partners produces game-changing results and exceptional support to customers across multiple industries and sectors. Connect with our team today to learn more about why we are a top-rated VAR fittings manufacturer. Be sure to ask about the many shipping options we offer.
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Collaborating with the PressureLinks team is convenient and easy. Our skilled team of professionals is standing by to speak with you today. Allow us to answer all of your questions and discuss how we can best support the continued success of your business and help you experience new vistas of exceptional growth. Reach out and get started by calling a friendly member of our staff right now. You can also connect with us by completing a request for more information on our contact page. We look forward to the opportunity to partner with your company and place the premier products in our catalog at your fingertips.