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British Standard Pipe Fittings or BSP fittings are commonly used across Europe. BSP fittings feature straight threads which seal with the aid of an O-ring, a dowty seal, a gasket or, sometimes, directly on the cone.

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British standard pipe, also referred to as BSP fittings, is a common medium to high-pressure connection across much of Europe and comes in two distinct varieties. The first type, BSP taper fittings, is similar to the National Pipe Thread or NPT fitting in that the sealing surface for the pressure is located in the threads. The second version, known as BSP parallel fittings, contains a flat face and an internal or external cone. In this parallel fitting, the threads themselves do not seal, but instead, a seal is achieved through the use of an O-ring, a Dowty seal or another form of a gasket. When ordering, please pay close attention to the variation selected to ensure it meets your needs.

Sizing for this type of fitting ranges from as small as 1/8“ and can go as large as several inches. At PressureLinks, we routinely stock these fittings up to 3/4“, but we can manufacture sizes up to 2” in our state-of-the-art ISO 9001-certified U.S.-based facility. When placing your order, be sure to select the correct connection for your BSP needs. We proudly offer BSP fittings that connect to NPT, BSP to BSP connections, BSP to medium-pressure fittings, BSP to high-pressure fittings, BSP to Joint Industry Council, or JIC, and BSP to Type M fittings.

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Choose Pressure Links for BSP Fittings

Customers across the globe love to partner with the PressureLinks team to gain access to affordable and superior-quality British straight pipe fittings in a wide range of sizing options and configurations. No other medium to high-pressure fittings manufacturer is as committed to the success of their clients. We strongly believe that our 30 years of dedicated service and unparalleled experience allow us to deliver game-changing results for our customers. Your success is our success and we will stop at nothing to help you achieve the results you deserve. To date, we’ve supported clients across the world with essential products and expertise in projects and industries including:

  • Oil and gas production
  • Plumbing
  • Control systems
  • Pump and valve projects
  • Umbilical cable work
  • Water-blasting
  • Offshore electrical projects and more

Getting started with PressureLinks is fast and easy. Simply browse our huge inventory of British standard pipe fittings online or give us a call. Are you looking for a hard-to-find specialty product or do you need custom sizing or configurations for medium to high-pressure fittings, adapters and more? If so, you’ve come to the right place. We specialize in crafting the perfect parts to help you get even the toughest jobs done right the first time to help you stay ahead of schedule. Our experienced technicians also have the necessary knowledge and expertise to work with Nitronic 50 and 60, Super Duplex (2507), Moel 400 and 500, Inconel 625, 718, 925 and many other alloys.

Please also feel free to reach out to our courteous and professional team right now with our online form. Here, you’ll find a fast and easy request form that can be used to request more information or to connect to our team. We look forward to working with you and demonstrating first-hand why we’re the go-to solutions providers for global medium and high-pressure fitting supplies.