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At PressureLinks, we are proud to serve as a world-class original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for OEM fittings, connectors, adapters, and more.

High Pressure Fittings
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We maintain an extensive catalog of over 700 unique, durable and cost-effective products and thousands of parts that help our customers complete difficult jobs in rugged conditions across the globe.

No matter how strict your deadlines or how specific your needs are, PressureLinks will stand by your side and deliver the perfect medium to high-pressure OEM fittings to finish the job. Learn more about the tailored services we offer for OEMs by connecting to our experts today.

Benefits With Using OEM Fittings:

Collaborating with PressureLinks is the logical choice for businesses seeking a reliable, high-quality supply of OEM fittings, connectors, adapters and more. Our fittings are not only cost-effective and durable, but are made from premium 316 stainless steel and manufactured at our U.S.-based facility. We can even fabricate custom fittings for OEMs in a broad range of sizes and tailorable configurations.

OEMs that connect with the PressureLinks team to take advantage of our unique partnership program enjoy a ton of unique benefits including:

  • Parts which prominently feature their brand’s name and logo
  • Aftermarket preferences unique to your parts
  • Part numbers and labels which allow quick sorting and access
  • Simplicity and cost savings
  • The ability to establish pricing models based on specific value-adds
  • Elimination of stocking and carrying costs
  • Same-day shipping for small orders
  • One week or less shipping on all large orders
  • Extension of your business’s unique brand to your customer base

Our skilled and experienced professionals go to extraordinary lengths to gain deep insight into your business’s specific needs. Go online today to browse our extensive inventory of parts and products or reach out to our team to discuss your requirements and how our OEM fittings can help take your performance to the next level.

Why Pressure Links for OEM Fittings

PressureLinks is not only an industry leader in the manufacture of superior-quality OEM adapters, connectors and more, but we also specialize in working hand-in-hand with our partners. Our company’s number one core value focuses on helping our customers achieve the highest level of success possible. To this end, our skilled and highly trained fabrication team goes the extra mile to deliver the best fittings, adapters, connectors and more to help our clients meet deadlines and deliver unparalleled service. Our cutting-edge ISO 9001-certified fabrication facility helps us craft the top-quality, American made tools our customers need to thrive.
Our team has extensive experience across multiple sectors and we are well-positioned to advise our clients about which tool in our catalog can best help them get the job done right the first time. We routinely partner with customers across diverse industries such as oil and gas production, control systems, plumbing, hydraulics, water blasting and more. For over 30 years, PressureLinks has been helping our partner OEMs grow and thrive. Learn more about our innovative partnership program which allows our clients to set up and maintain a reliable supply of exceptional quality fittings while supporting the growth and expansion of their business.
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Contact Pressure Links Today

Get started today by browsing our selection of OEM hydraulic fittings and more directly on our website. Browse our catalog complete with product descriptions and place items directly into your shopping cart. Do you have questions about our products and services, would you like a recommendation on which specific part to use for your project or would you like more information about ordering a customized fitting? If so, contact one of the friendly and knowledgeable PressureLinks experts today by calling. You can also reach a member of our staff by completing a fast and easy online contact form.